My OS X Terminal Setup

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OS X 10.10 was released last week and I have made the jump from Mavericks 10.9. Along with the jump I’ve decided to attempt to stick to using native Apps in favor of thrid party. Such as user Terminal vs iTerm2

One of the main reasons for using iTerm2 was its built in support for spliting windows/panes and more recently its tmux integration (mouse support). The desire for for windows management is now managed via tmux, so the main requirement was tmux integration and of corse making it looks good.

For tmux integration OS X Terminal does well except the fact that it does not support tmux mouse integration. To resolve this I installed SIMBL and MouseTerm

Bingo! Mouse support….or semi mouse support. While I could not select panes and windows via the mouse I could not resize panes. My main reason for having mouse support. Its just MUCH MUCH quicker and more accurate.

Then after some digging in google I stumbled upon MouseTerm plus. A fork of the original MouseTerm project that provides the ability to resize window panes!

Next was to make the Terminal more readable and appealing to the eye in steps Noah Frederick’s Peppermint Theme

I’ll update this post or create a new one with getting the rest of tmux up and running