Building Apache Tomcat Connetor (Mod-jk) RPM With FPM on Centos 6.x

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The Apache Tomat Connector module (mod_jk) is not currently in included Centos or EPEL repositories.

To assist in the deployment and management of the Apache mod_jk module a RPM package will be created from the built source using FPM. If you havn’t stumbled upon or used FPM I highly recommend taking a look.

The basic overview of the process is as follows:

  1. Obtain/Download the lastest release source
  2. Verify you have the prerequisites installed for building the module
  3. Build the latest release
  4. Create FPM build root
    • Create configuration file directory structure (httpd.conf)
    • Create module directory structure
    • Create mod_jk.conf configuration file
    • Copy into module directory structure
  5. Generate RPM package using FPM

Here is a more detailed article on the exact process listed above.